About us

Who we are

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We’re not just a simple offshore development company.

We have an original development process with varied documentation format. We are expanding our development phases that are not only limited to the coding phase. We have upper phase development as well, for the purpose of cater web services for the Vietnamese market. Furthermore, we are challenging ourselves with some AI projects.

When you join us, you will explore a lot of opportunities to improve yourself, with “thousands of motivations” as our driving slogan. One of those motivations is to share the profit to our employees as much as we can. We believe that our company is in the hands of our employees. Since we are a 100% independent company in Vietnam, we can discuss and handle all of our company matters by ourselves.

With these in mind, ultimately, we are aiming to contribute on the Vietnamese IT industry in the near future, so our business is planned for long term. Let's improve together and make a great future!


What we can do best

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Goodeal that is a cashback web service producing by co-operating with Hapitas Japan, we are providing it here in Vietnam.

Taking Vietnamese to a new approach of E-Commerce, a smarter way with high reliability and comprehensible to all Vietnamese. To cover operation(Amazon Web Service) and to analyze the data related E-Commerce produce another business model

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Offshore development

(Upper & Lower Phase)

With offshore services, we help you build a team of business and technical specialists so that you will achieve your goals faster by optimizing working productivity and saving on production costs. By experience in providing services in Japan market for many years, we are confident to bring to our customers high quality work on schedule.

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Artificial Intelligence such as Producing Image Processing, Chat bot and Text Scan by  CTO room as a B2B and B2C market solutions. Since AI is a process to improve your business, we tie up with DevOps and Offshoring team and make a customized solution for the customer.


Just leave a message, we will find you

Vietnam Office

Số 1B đường số 30, Khu phố 2, Phường An Khánh, Thành Phố Thủ Đức, TP.HCM

Email: segawa@pascaliaasia.com

Tel: +84-869-556-856

Japan Office

101-0047, 7 Floor UD Uchikanda San-chome Building, 3-15-1, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Email: segawa@pascaliaasia.com

Tel: 03-3526-2655

Ho Chi Minh Branch

Tầng 10, Toàn Nhà Five Star Tower, 28 Bis Mạc Đĩnh Chi, Phường Đa Kao, Quận 1

Email: segawa@pascaliaasia.com

Tel: +84-869-556-856

Hai Phong Branch

PUSH COWORKING SPACE47/384 Lạch Tray, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng

Email: segawa@pascaliaasia.com

Tel: +84-869-556-856